The purpose of Epiphany School Club is to promote the spiritual, educational, and physical well-being of the children of Epiphany Catholic School and to bring into closer relationship the home and school. All parents are considered members of Epiphany's School Club.

Meetings are held on theáFirstáThursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the school library.
Parents are always welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to help with any School Club run activities and fund-raisers. Interested parties are encouraged to contact presidents for more specific options to help!

2013-2014 Officers and Job Descriptions

School Club Presidents: Theresa French -átheresa.french.epiphany@gmail.comá(309) 824-7637
áCommitment Time:á2 years
. Act as a general go to person for everyone on the school club.
. Attend and conduct all monthly meetings.
. Put out an agenda before meetings so that the meetings are kept to the topics that need to be discussed.
. Create and maintain a fund raising and event calendar for the school year.
. Get volunteers for different events that happen throughout the school year.
. Follow up with the families that signed up for the different events when they come close and make sure they
á are still on to help with the event.
. Ensure that things are happening as they should with each department within the school club.
. Be the general go between parent concerns and the administration.
. Try to better the school with each decision made.

Secretary: Beth Casper - eacaspe@gmail.comá
Commitment Time: 2 years
. Attend monthly school club meetings
. Take notes to then review and hand out to each school club member and ask for approval from Presidents.

Treasurer: Theresa French -
áCommitment Time: 2 years
. Attend monthly school club meetings
. Track and make deposits.
. Make reports of incoming and outgoing money for each school club meeting.

Head Room Parents -ááTammy Ludwig -
Commitment Time: 2 years
. Attend monthly school club meetings.
. Secure room parents and room volunteers for each homeroom.
. Instruct a meeting in early September to inform room parents of their duties.
. Coordinate reception, food days and teacher appreciation days on behalf of the school club.
. Help room parents stay on task with the Auciton Committee for class projects.

Newsletter/Communication/Publicity - Trisha Koch
Commitment Time: 2 years
. Attend monthly school club meetings
. Help publish a newsletter to inform parents and other Epiphany members of school club events.

Corporate Grants: OPEN

áCommitment Time: 2 years
. Attend monthly school club meetings.
. Research possible families to get involved in the program.
. Assist in creating motivation for the parents to want to volunteer at the school or church so that they can
obtain the company grants.

Programs:á Ali Keller -
áááááááááááááááááááááCommitment Time: 2 years
. Attend monthly school club meetings
. Set up social events that get the parish and school together.

Service Hours:ááJennifer Jelineká-
áCommitment Time: 2 years
. Attend Monthly meetings for the school club.
. Track Service Hours that are mandatory for the school families.
. Hand out service hour sheets to each school family.
. Hold parents accountable for finishing their service hours before the deadline.

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